Going In Style – Review

I find it amusing I’ve now seen three heist movies that came out this year. I mostly saw this one because I needed to see three films in the cinema this month (and don’t want one of them to be Boss Baby) and because of the actors in the lead roles.

Without a doubt this is the best of the three. It’s very funny, has a heist that’s entertaining to watch and the characters actually have a personal grudge against the place they’re robbing. The movie is fun from start to finish.


It should go without saying that this cast is great. A lot of what makes the comedy work is their delivery and chemistry, you really feel like these three have been friends for years. The supporting cast are also very funny with some entertaining performances from Christopher Lloyd and Ann-Margret.


If it wasn’t for Odeon Limitless I might not have gotten around to seeing this film but I’m glad I did. After being disappointed by Netflix’s heist films it’s nice to see one that’s fun.


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