Jesus, Bro! – Review

While I don’t follow Channel Awesome as much as I used to there are still a few of its reviewers (including some who have left the site) I still like to watch the videos of. And one of said reviewers is the Cinema Snob himself Brad Jones. Because of that I’ve seen him promote this movie a lot so now that it’s out I decided to check it out.

It’s funny. It’s a parody of those religious movies about why you should follow that religion that only get watched by people who already follow that religion (or internet reviewers). But while it would be easy to just make fun of Christians this film has a good balance, it still has jokes about Christians but they’re mixed in with plenty of jokes about online atheists and their followers.


This could also be considered part of the internet reviewer shared universe (is it called that? I’m not sure) with Santa Christ and Malcolm Ray’s portrayal of the devil both being characters in the movie. While the events of previous specials and movies don’t really effect the narrative it’s a neat inclusion.


It’s not going to be for everyone, I’d say if you like the videos of any of the people who are in this movie you’ll probably like this too.


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