2 Fast 2 Furious – Review

If nothing else this movie does have the best title in the series.

It’s an improvement over the original. Better action scenes, no liar revealed nonsense, better volume control on the soundtrack and better camera work. It’s still only ok but it’s a better ok.


The majority of the cast are new characters and unfortunately that means the same problem of an under developed supporting cast. Still Paul Walker’s character has more personality this time around and the fact his new co-star is someone who he has history with makes for a better dynamic than the first film.


Something this film has that the first film was lacking in is a villain. He was pretty boring most of the time until we learn he messes with a poor rat in his torture methods and abuses his girlfriend, then he became irredeemable trash that needed to be stopped.


I can see what’s dragging these earlier films down, it’s the street racing. From what I’m aware the newer films seem like a super hero spy team which sounds like much more fun than driving forwards and occasionally making a turn. I’m not sure when the formula is going to change but I’m looking forward to it.


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