The Fast and the Furious – Review

So I realized if I see at least three more new films this month I’ll have seen 20 of this year’s films in the first third of the year and that I could build up to one of said films by having my first movie marathon of the year.

This one was mediocre but fortunately from what I’ve heard it’s the sequels that are the enjoyable part of this series. The soundtrack was very invasive and seemed like they were trying to squeeze every track into the movie and blast it at full volume whenever someone wasn’t talking, even when it really didn’t match the scene.


The characters are fine but most get barely any attention and the main storyline actually took away from the chance to get to know the characters more, especially with only a small amount of action scenes that were more than driving in a straight line. I can forgive the movie for this though since it’s the first of 8 movies.


Hopefully it’s only going to get better from here as the titles get sillier and the cast gets bigger. At the very least I’ve got some decent action scenes to look forward to.


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