Fast & Furious – Review

It was irritating finding images for this review considering its title, I kept finding pictures from all the other movies and fan made posters for the sequels made before their names were revealed.

This was much better than the disaster that was Tokyo Drift and honestly a more fitting sequel to the original than 2 Fast 2 Furious. While the first two were just ok this one was pretty fun and a much better variety in its action scenes, even the street race was an improvement.


The dynamic between Dom and Brian is better now. The first film really served as the setup for their relationship with this film being the payoff. It is odd that Brian is a cop again though, especially since he clearly stops being one again at the end. Is he going to be one again in Fast Five? Guess I’ll find out in a few minutes.


I’m halfway through the series now and it’s just starting to get good. It still needs a supporting cast with more attention given to them though, so far it just feels like a team of two or three with their backup instead of a team/family.


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