The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – Review

You know I figured at the worst some of these movies would be boring. I was wrong.

This movie is bad, really bad. It’s a shame because you’d think the Tokyo setting would make for a fun movie but instead it feels wasted. Even the stunts while cool rely on one gimmick which gets old pretty fast (and the furious).


But the main problem is the cast. Not that the actors were bad or anything but that the only member of the main cast that is Japanese is the villain (and, of course, he has connections to the yakuza). And even though the other characters clearly speak Japanese there are scenes where the main character isn’t around where everyone is speaking English. Oh and to top it all off the main character isn’t even likable.


Honestly the only character who is at least slightly interesting is Han. From what I’m aware he’s also the one who will be sticking around for more movies too. It is odd though that the mentor figure in a movie set in Japan is Korean, it’s like the movie went out of its way to make sure none of the protagonists were Japanese.


I did look up a couple of reviews for this film before writing this and it seems like those that did like it seem to think people don’t like it because it didn’t have Paul Walker and Vin Diesel only has a short cameo at the end. But no, the reason this film is bad is because its lead character is terrible and the Japanese characters are either antagonists or extras. I don’t know what the next film is going to be like, I just know it’s got to be better than this one.


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