Fast Five – Review

On the second half of the series now and it’s looking like it’ll be the better half.

The last film was the best follow up to the first film while this is the best follow up to all the previous films in the series by bringing characters from each film together. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t make a heist film in this series sooner, the format allows for a lot more variety in the action which of course makes it more fun.


At the end of my last review I mentioned that the team mostly felt like the backup to the main characters. This film fixes that problem by having each member of the team be someone from the past films with a role in the heist.


The introduction of Dwayne Johnson and Elsa Pataky’s characters is a neat touch too as they act as both antagonists and protagonists at the same time. While the main villain isn’t exactly very interesting seeing these two tracking down the main team is.


I’m starting to see why this series has gotten more popular as they keep adding sequels. While the first two films were alright (and the third sucked) these last two have been fun. Three more films to go.


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