Furious 7 – Review

One more film to go.

This one is enjoyable but not one of the better films in the series. I wouldn’t call any of it bad but some story arcs and characters don’t really get as much attention as I would have liked. The action was still just as ridiculous and fun as always though.


One of the things I was looking forward to about the film was Jason Statham, and yes his scenes are entertaining but they’re more like a series of boss battles where he shows up for a few minutes to cause destruction and then disappears. Likewise due to filming conflicts Dwayne Johnson’s character Hobbs is also absent for most of the film contributing to the main group feeling smaller.


Of course you can’t really talk about this movie without talking about Paul Walker and the fact this is his last film. This marathon has actually been my introduction to his work and while he wasn’t exactly the best part of the cast he and Vin Diesel did work really well as a duo. Brian’s story in the movie is also a fitting ending for the character and I’m glad they didn’t choose to kill him off and instead just let him live a happy life. As for the CGI at the end of the film it’s about the same quality as Rogue One where if you know the scene is CGI you’re going to notice but can still be impressed by how realistic it looks.


These films do jump up and down in quality but I’d still say the second half has consistently been the better half. Going to the cinema later to finish this marathon, that review will be the one to contain my final ranking of the series.


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