The Boss Baby – Review

So when I realised I was close to seeing 20 of this years films by the end of the first third of the year I decided to set it as a goal. But outside of the obvious fact I’m going to see Guardians of the Galaxy on Friday I wasn’t sure what other film I could watch and whenever I’d check the Odeon’s website that smug face just kept looking at me…

It was ok, around the same level of quality as the better Netflix Originals from this year. There are a couple of jokes (such as a recurring gag involving a wizard alarm clock) that were funny and since it is from Dreamworks the animation is pretty good.


The plot is odd. The film for the most part seems to imply this is all in the older brother’s imagination yet the last third of the movie where they have to go to Vegas to stop the main villain doesn’t really fit with that narrativeĀ and even has scenes without the older brother in them.


It was better than I was worried it would be but not enough to be good. It’s a shame because I know Dreamworks can do better than this. Still it was clearly the better choice out of it and the Adam Sandler Netflix Original I keep seeing pop up whenever I visit Netflix.


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