Kingsman: The Secret Service – Review

With the sequel coming out later this year and it being on Netflix I decided it was time to finally see what this film was like.

It’s pretty good. If I’d seen it back when it came out it would have made my top 10 list for 2014. It’s very funny, has plenty of great action scenes and is yet another example of me enjoying satirical spy movies more than serious spy movies (there’s even a scene where two of the characters talk about how they prefer spy movies that are fun).


Of course a big part of what makes this movie work is the cast. There’s just something about seeing the sort of performance you’d expect to see in an Oscar nominated movie being used in a comedy that just works and with actors like Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Samuel L Jackson in the main cast that’s exactly what you get. Throw in the fact it’s also a love letter to classic Bond and from the same director as the Kick-Ass films and the film is just a lot of fun.


It’s not going to be for everyone. I’d say if you’re someone who likes violent comedies like Deadpool you’ll love it but that’s not your thing this probably won’t change that for you. And since I said it would have effected my top 10 list from 2014 here’s the updated version;



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