The Boss – Review

My parents recorded this to watch a while back and asked if I wanted to watch it with them. This seems to be how I’ve ended up watching most of the Melissa McCarthy films I’ve seen actually.

It’s alright, on the same level as some of the other comedies I saw near the end of last year like Office Christmas Party or Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, funny enough to be enjoyable but nothing all that special.

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Much like those movies a lot of what makes the comedy work is in the performances. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell are both good at playing these types of characters and make the jokes work. The supporting cast also features some talented actors but many are underused and don’t get chances to contribute to the comedy.


It’s funny but the story suffers from narrative cliches I’ve gotten tired of like the third act misunderstanding. The last act is also very out of place with the rest of the film with a big sword fight between Melissa McCarthy and Peter Dinklage. If you like the work of the two leads you’ll probably at least enjoy it as much as I did, if not you probably already knew you wouldn’t like it before reading this.


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