Alien: Covenant – Review

Last year I saw all the Alien and Predator movies for the first time. This time however I get to see one around the same time as everyone else on the big screen. Everyone else is just as new to this film as I am and there’s even going to be long time Alien fans who haven’t seen it yet since it’s not out until the 19th in America. This is different.

It’s decent but not one of the better films in the franchise, even if I leave out the Predator movies. It’s got plenty of content I did like but mostly it just felt like it was the same stuff I’d already seen in Alien and Prometheus again. Even the settings lack that same appeal as the alien world doesn’t exactly look any different from Earth and the ship designs are nothing new.


The new Xenomorphs (called Neomorphs according to my image search) look cool and there’s several great scenes with them. Unfortunately I just didn’t get an intelligent vibe from them like the better films in the series. Even when we do get a classic Xenomorph at the end because it only shows up at the end even it doesn’t get a chance to outsmart the humans. As a result it just feels like a regular horror monster with a cool design which is fine but not what I like about the Xenomorph.


As far as the cast goes one performance stands out. Michael Fassbender does a fantastic job. Seeing the differences between David from Prometheus and the new model Walter through his performance is this movie’s biggest strength. Unfortunately to say anything else would be a spoiler.


The human characters however just weren’t that interesting. They weren’t boring like in Alien 3, AvP Requiem or Predators but even now I don’t remember any of their names. Katherine Waterston does give a good performance in the lead role but the character doesn’t stand out like Ripley, Lex and Elizabeth did.


It’s still an enjoyable movie and if you just care about seeing some cool horror action scenes this film has some good ones. I know there’s probably going to be another prequel after this but honestly I’d much rather see the series move forward and don’t really care about the origin of the Xenomorphs. Anyway here’s the updated ranking of the series

Aliens > Alien vs Predator > Alien > Predator 2 > Predator > Alien: Resurrection > Prometheus > Alien: Covenant > Predators > Aliens vs Predator: Requiem > Alien 3

Next year we’ll be getting a new Predator film so it won’t be too long before I’ll be updating this list again.


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