Snatched – Review

This month has been pretty slow for movie releases with Alien: Covenant being the only one I was specifically interested in seeing. So I talked with my friends about which upcoming films I should watch and this one did come up.

It’s funny but not as funny as it could have been. Mark Kermode made a good point in his review about the format taking too much attention away from the comedy. There’s still very funny jokes once the kidnapping plot starts but they’re rarely the focus.


I know a lot of people seem to hate Amy Schumer for some reason, while I haven’t really seen her in anything else outside of an episode of Bojack Horseman I do think she’s funny in this. In fact I might check out another comedy film from her with more focus on the comedy.


If like me you have Odeon Limitless it’s an enjoyable film to check out but if you don’t it’s not something you need to see in the cinema. Check it out if you see it on TV or Netflix. Now to figure out what my third cinema trip for this month will be, I want to see Colossal but they’re not showing it in my local Odeon or even the Vue.


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