Baywatch – Review

So I really only had three films I hadn’t seen to choose from, none of which I had any real interest in seeing. So I compared the reviews of the films to see which would be at least a bit entertaining and weirdly Baywatch ended up being the consistent answer. I know nothing about the original show outside of the fact there’s slow motion and Zardu Hasslefrau was in it and having seen the film… that’s still all I know about the show.

It’s ok. It wasn’t boring but it wasn’t compelling either. There were funny jokes, not so funny jokes and jokes that were funny at first but overstayed their welcome so as a comedy it wasn’t bad but honestly I feel out of the two action comedy films I saw this month Snatched was much funnier. I also feel had some cliche elements that were played straight that were missed opportunities for humour, for example the “romance subplots” of course lead to both couples getting together for no real reason.


The potential the film did have came from its two leads who can both be funny in other films and a lot of the comedy does come more from their delivery than the script but they’ve both been better. It also doesn’t help that most of their funnier exchanges are already in trailers.


So yeah no real reason to see this outside of my minimum of three movies in the cinema a month goal. Did I make the right call out of this King Arthur and Pirates? Maybe I’ll check those other two out later in the year and see for myself, when pausing them is an option.


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