Wonder Woman – Review

So far I’ve not been a fan of the DCEU. While each film has something I think works the majority of the film just doesn’t and the more I think about them the worse they get. As a result I’ve been skeptical of this movie but still hopeful. With all the Batman and Superman movies out there a new one being bad isn’t that big a deal, just check out one of the many that are good. With Wonder Woman she only has one other movie (the 2009 animated movie) which is good but not exactly well known (I expect someone reading this hasn’t heard of it before now) and was unable to get a sequel.

What a relief that I really liked this film. In fact I like it and the animated movie for different reasons and honestly can’t remember what the last live action DC movie I liked this much was, to call this the best DCEU movie would be an understatement. This was the best case scenario.


The characters are all great. After my issues with how BvS treated the Superman supporting characters it’s nice to see Wonder Woman’s being respected. I like this version of Etta Candy more than her animated counterpart, she’s a minor character in the film but is fun in each scene she’s in. Steve Trevor has a character arc and you can see the impact he and Diana have on each other over the course of the movie.


Of course being a DCEU movie I have to say something about the lighting. I was worried when I’d see the blue lighting in the trailers that it would look to similar to Man of Steel but in reality this film matches the lighting to the tone. The blue lighting depicts the darker tone of the war while scenes away from the war have a much more colourful look. And then when Wonder Woman’s iconic suit is finally revealed it stands out, the gold and red are visible instead of melding together in some mud brown shade like her appearance in Batman V Superman. It’s the same costume but a simple difference in lighting makes it look so much better.


This of course brings me to Diana herself. This is a great take on Wonder Woman and the story of her introduction to the world of men. In battle she effectively uses each weapon she has, I remember wondering why she’d need a shield when her bracelets and reflexes are good enough at blocking projectiles and this film shows contexts where a larger defense makes sense as well as times where it’s used to attack.


As someone who has been critical of the DCEU it’s so nice to have a movie from it that is a good movie and even better that said film is Wonder Woman. Maybe we’ll even get some more animated Wonder Woman movies as a result of this based on the positive reactions from most critics. No matter what your stance on the DCEU so far you should watch this movie.


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