Injustice 2 Gear Wishlist

Injustice 2 currently has an event where you can unlock a set of gear for Wonder Woman based on her new movie. I think this is a good way for them to add new costumes to the game and hope to be seeing more costumes soon. So here’s a few costume ideas I’d like.


While I have a long list of problems with Batman V Superman the Batman costume isn’t one of them. I consider it to be the best live action Batsuit and if they’re going to do a Justice League tie-in event I’d much rather they add this suit than the armour he’s apparently going to wear based on the Pop! figure. A second Batman costume idea I’d like is a Batman Beyond Premier Skin that adds not just the suit but Terry McGinnis himself with new dialogue.


I might be in the minority here but I liked Superman’s costume more before they got rid of the red trunks. A classic costume would be great but my main hope is to have a Premier Skin that replaces the personality of the Injustice Superman with regular Superman, this is also why Superman from the Supergirl series is here since it makes more sense to do that with him (since he’d have a different voice actor).

Wonder Woman

Yes she’s already got her movie costume (which is her best costume in the game too) but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have Wonder Woman costumes I’d like to see added. I always liked her jacket from the Jim Lee design and since it was a DLC costume in the first Injustice it’s a always possibility. The other idea is from the newer animated movies, they’re less likely to get attention in this game though there is an advert for them inside the case.


Of course since I was suggesting a Premier Skin for Superman it only makes sense that I’d want one for Supergirl too. I’m sure it can’t be too hard for them to get Melissa Benoist to record dialogue for the game and plus it’d be great seeing her meet characters she might not get a chance to meet in the show (like Batman). I also added New 52 Supergirl because I like her cape, I’m not even sure if this cape isn’t already in the game but if it isn’t they should add it.


And if they do add CW Premier Skins they’ve got to have one for The Flash. I’d say he and Supergirl are the characters with the best chance of getting them. For the second costume it’s another Premier Skin but for Kid Flash, it doesn’t have to be the CW version but it’d still be great to have him.


The mobile version already has a Suicide Squad costume for Harley so it’s not that unlikely they’ll add it to the main game at some point. It’d also be nice to mix the parts of the costume I like with existing gear which from what I’m aware isn’t an option in the mobile version. For a second suggestion since I know the game already has gear based on her classic costume (even if I’ve had no luck unlocking it) her Arkham Knight costume would be a good choice.


Speaking of Arkham Knight costumes how about one for Poison Ivy. Throw in her DCAU look too and maybe I’ll be able to make a costume similar to my own Ivy design.


Not a specific costume suggestion here, just one that gives Aquaman his beard.


This is another attempt to recreate one of my own designs but outside of that these are two of Bane’s most iconic designs, it makes sense to include them.


This is the same request twice, either outfit is fine just get Wentworth Miller to record some dialogue for Captain Cold.

I don’t know how many of these have a good chance but either way credit to NetherRealm Studios for adding tie-in costumes as a


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