The Mummy (1932) – Review

So there’s that new Mummy movie coming out later this week. Figured this was probably a good time to watch the older Mummy movies in preparation. While Universal have made a fair amount of Mummy movies I decided to stick to the original, the Brendan Fraser films and the new movie.

It’s difficult to review much older films like this because it’s very much of its time. I’m not even talking about the limitations of film making either as I think the film does a good job with its effects. The issues tend to be just the way older stories were written and the way the world was at the time. I did like Boris Karloff’s performance, it’s what I expect helped this film to stand out and make the impact on future films.


Overall though the film is just ok. I will admit this is mostly because of how much film making has grown since the 30s. The main reason I watched this is so I can appreciate the context of any references to it made by the rest of the films I’ll be watching this week.


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