The Mummy Returns – Review

The previous film was a fun movie that didn’t take itself very seriously. This movie is even more silly with CGI that has aged horribly and honestly those things make it even better.

This film takes everything that I enjoyed about the first film and pushes it to the extreme.  The comedy is funnier with two stand outs being someone calling a bunch of ancient Egyptian pottery rubbish because they were chipped and this scene. Yes the CGI looks terrible watching it now but in a way that is honestly nostalgic.


The main cast all return only now the group have a stronger bond from the connections formed in the first movie. I like when sequels do this instead of the “these actors didn’t want to do it so the main couple broke up and no one keeps in touch anymore” type of sequel.


So far this is the best Mummy movie and it’ll be hard for the next two to beat it, especially knowing most of the main cast aren’t back for the next one.


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