The Mummy (2017) – Review

And so we get to the film I did this marathon to prepare for. Did the marathon bring something to this viewing I might not have had otherwise? Sure, I noticed the “buried alive” origin for the Mummy was the same as Imhotep’s and at one point the book from the first two Brendan Fraser films is used as a prop… that’s about it. As for my opinion on this film…

Eh, it’s not bad and is at least better than Tomb of the Dragon Emperor but it’s mediocre and one of the weaker films to come out this year. Most of the action scenes take place in the dark making them harder to see, the characters aren’t interesting and Universal’s attempts to cash in on the success of extended universe movies is painfully obvious from the moment they already have a name and logo for it before the movie even starts and force some S.H.I.E.L.D style organisation led by Dr. Jekyll into the story taking attention away from THE MUMMY.

The Mummy (2017) - La Momie (2017)

The funny thing is Tom Cruise was apparently one of the actors approached to play Rick O’Connell in the 1999 film and maybe if his character had been more like Rick the film could have been more enjoyable but his character mostly just reacts to things. Then you have Annabelle Wallis’ character who is just there to be a damsel in distress, except unlike in the 1932 and 1999 films there’s no actual reason for her to be one since it’s Tom Cruise’s character that is the sacrifice. Somehow a 2017 film has a worse damsel in distress than a 1932 film.


I wasn’t expecting much from this but weirdly the biggest problem with this film isn’t how it compares to the older films or even other films from this year but the possibility of what it could have been with several of the same elements just presented better. That’s it for my Mummy marathon, maybe someday I’ll watch some of the other older movies like The Mummy’s Hand and its sequels as well as the Scorpion King spin-off series but for now I’ve seen enough Mummy movies.

The Mummy Returns > The Mummy (1999) > The Mummy (1932) > The Mummy (2017) > The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


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