The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Review

So far I have been enjoying these movies. They’re not great and all of them are extremely dated but there’s something to enjoy in each of them. As underwhelmed by the 1932 film as I was I at least was able to appreciate the effects they were able to pull of at the time and Boris Karloff’s performance and the last two films were fun to watch.

This movie though, it was boring. None of the charm of the last two films is there and it doesn’t even have any mummies. Sure they keep referring to the undead in this film as mummies but that was clearly so that they can justify calling this The Mummy.


A big part of why this film doesn’t work is that only two of the original actors return and the new cast just doesn’t feel like a family the way the old cast did in The Mummy Returns, which is bad when you consider a father and son bond is an important part of the plot. I get why Rachel Weisz didn’t return and appreciate the fact they didn’t just break Rick and Evy up but the new Evy is so dull. I don’t blame Maria Bello though, reading the Wikipedia page it’s mentioned that they intentionally made Evy “quite a different character”.


This film came out the same year as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and as critical as people like to be of that movie it was a lot better at capturing the fun of this genre than this film and had a much better father and son story. I’m going to see the new reboot film later today, no idea what it will be like but hopefully it’ll at least be better than this.


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