Sahara – Review

I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect from this film. This hasn’t exactly been the best year for Netflix Original films but after being pretty underwhelmed by The Mummy I figured it was time to see if they’ve gotten any better, plus this one is animated.

Despite some decent visuals the film is mediocre. It’s a cliche “rescue the kidnapped love interest” movie and most of the movie is just the main snake being annoyed with the brother of the girl he likes constantly talking about his obsession with pollen.


Most of the characters aren’t bad but they’re not paired off very well. I’d be fine with a movie about snake romance but they separate the main couple within a few minutes of having them meet each other and we’re instead stuck with the stoner snake for most of the movie. He is an annoying one joke character and that joke got old the first time it was made.


I did watch this in English but I don’t think watching the original French audio would change much outside of some jokes being different. It’s a shame because if the film had focused on the romance it actually had the potential to be a cute movie.


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