Baby Driver – Review

This film just needed one phrase to get me interested; “written and directed by Edgar Wright”. If you’ve seen his films you don’t need me to explain why, the guy is one of the best directors working today (which makes it insulting that he hasn’t even been nominated for an Oscar for Best Director).

As with most Edgar Wright movies as fun as the trailers look they don’t even come close to covering it. This film is a blast and has the best car action scenes I’ve seen this year (and as a reminder I watched all the Fast and the Furious movies this year) including some of the best chase scenes I’ve seen in general (though my favourite is still this scene from Lupin III vs Detective Conan).


Of course a big part of what makes these scenes so great is the use of music. Even if, like me, you’re not familiar with most of the songs ahead of time the way the film times them with the footage is perfect. One of the best examples of this isn’t even a chase scene but early in the film when Baby times his walk to match the song he’s listening to.


And of course a great filmmaker needs a great cast to match and this film has it. I said in my Kingsman review how a performance you’d expect from an Oscar nominated film works really well for comedy, this film is another example of that. I want to give examples but I also don’t want to spoil it for you.


I expect like most Edgar Wright movies this is only going to get better the more I think about it and the more I hear from other people. I look forward to seeing what those extra details to enjoy are.


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