Despicable Me 3 – Review

So far I’ve liked the Despicable Me movies, I remember being unsure if they really needed to make a sequel after the first film told a pretty complete story and Gru wasn’t exactly despicable anymore but ended up liking the romance. The Minions movie was… unneeded and it’s really clear than the Minions to not work as main characters but it wasn’t terrible and had some funny moments. So while I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this film I knew I was going to at least find it enjoyable.

It’s fine. It’s not as good as the first two but is better than the Minions movie and Secret Life of Pets (haven’t seen Sing). If you liked the other movies you’ll probably like this one, the humour is just as funny as usual but while the film does still have emotional moments they just don’t have the same charm that the first two films had.


One of the best parts of the film is Trey Parker asĀ Balthazar Bratt. He’s clearly having a blast with this character in all his 80s glory and there’s just something amusing hearing him do a voice pretty similar to some of his South Park roles in a Despicable Me movie.

Film Title: Despicable Me 3

Something that is both a pro and a con for this film is how many story arcs it has. On the positive side every character has something to do and they keep most of the Minion stuff to their own subplot. Unfortunately this makes the film a bit of a mess and each story feels a little too short. Gru meeting his brother and Lucy learning to be a mother are nice stories to tell but everything happens so fast you don’t really get to appreciate the bonds that are formed the way you do in the other films.


If you don’t have Limitless (or children that really want to see it) you’re probably better off waiting for it to pop up on TV or Netflix. I don’t know if they’re going to make a 4th one, I actually think it might be a better idea to make a TV series instead. They are making another Minions movie though…


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