Spider-Man: Homecoming – Review

It’s time for another Marvel movie and while I’ve noticed a few reviewers seem to be getting less invested in the MCU my excitement hasn’t gone anywhere, likewise my interest in this movie hasn’t been lessened by the fact it’s not actually been that long since Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out. It’s important to remember that my enjoyment of the MCU helped start my original art project which caused me to get into the comics more making me a bigger Marvel fan in general, plus I’m in the middle of another Marvel art project so naturally I’m only going to be more excited about seeing more Marvel movies since they help influence my choices in characters to draw. Anyway on to the movie itself.

This was great. Spider-Man is the funniest he’s ever been and unlike other first Spider-Man movies this one doesn’t have the origin story taking time away from things. Even the Vulture’s origin is told in one scene at the start of the film allowing the rest of the movie to just focus on telling a new Spider-Man story.


In my Civil War review I mentioned that I consider this to be the best movie version of Spider-Man the character and now that he’s had his own movie I stand by that. He’s got the perfect balance of awkward and comedic that makes Peter Parker who he is both in and out of costume.

Zendaya in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN™: HOMECOMING.

Of course there’s more to the cast of this film than just Spider-Man and in this film they contribute to a lot of the film’s humour. I remember reading that Tony Revolori took the hate he’d gotten for being cast as Flash Thompson and put it into his performance and I can see that, in fact it made him one of the best characters in the film. The supporting character that stood out the most however has to be Zendaya as Michelle, while her screentime is limited she steals every scene she’s in.


Michael Keaton gives a fantastic performance as the Vulture and is one of the better MCU villains. I’m also glad some of the henchmen characters are some of Spider-Man’s other villains allowing the right amount of setup for a potential Sinister Six.


I don’t know where I’d rank this with the other Spider-Man movies but that’s actually the case with all of them. Maybe I’ll rewatch them before that animated Spider-Man movie about Miles Morales comes out next year. But it doesn’t really matter how this compares to the other films because my reasons for liking it are different from the things I liked about them.


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