Planet of the Apes (1968) – Review

It’s time for another movie marathon and once again it’s one to catch up in order to watch one of this year’s films.

This is a very impressive movie for its time and it’s great getting to see these iconic scenes and lines in their original context. There’s even some points when the ape make up would still look pretty good if it was used in a newer film or show.


Is it dated? Of course but not in a way that weakens the film. The fact some of the lines Charlton Heston’s character says come off as creepy just strengthens the points being made about humanity.


I expect I’ll probably like the newer movies more when I see them but I still liked this one. I’m curious what the sequels are going to be like since there’s four of them before I get to the Tim Burton remake and the current series and they’re the ones I know the least about going into it.


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