Planet of the Apes (2001) – Review

So this film isn’t very popular, most times I’ve heard it get mentioned it’s either to say it sucks or to defend it from the common opinion of not liking it.

Personally, I think it’s a decent remake. It does its own thing with the set up rather than just be the original and that made it more enjoyable to watch than if it was just the original again but with updated effects.


And said effects are very impressive. The original films’ makeup was great for its time but the differences between the ape species were pretty minor with the gorillas looking nothing like gorillas. In this film the physical features of each ape species is captured perfectly… for the male apes. The females on the other hand look like humans with ape faces.


The film isn’t without its faults though and the biggest has to be that the human lead is boring and generic, which seems to be a common role for Mark Wahlberg. He’s even part of a weird love triangle between a human and and ape but both pairings not only feel forced but non existent most of the time.


Honestly though the appeal of these movies has never been the humans so these problems don’t effect my enjoyment of the film that much. Now it’s time for the main event of this marathon, the reboot series…


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