Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Review

In my Conquest of the Planet of the Apes review I said I’d probably have more to talk about it when I had something to compare it to. That something as it turns out is to say that Rise is better than Conquest in every way.

In fact it’s the best film in the franchise so far. The human characters are more complex than they’ve ever been with even James Franco’s sympathetic human character having flaws that contribute to pushing Caesar away. I also think the apes rebelling due to the ways they’re actually treated in modern society is a more powerful message than “if all dogs and cats die out we’ll start treating apes like slaves”.


Once again the already impressive effects of the previous movies are surpassed. It’s films like this that are why I’ll never understand people who complain about CGI in movies. The effects in this film are incredible with the apes looking the most realistic they’ve ever been making it even more impressive seeing apes from different parts of the world side by side. It’s not just the CGI though, the motion capture performances live up to the hype.


Two more films to go and from what I’m aware both have been pretty well received.


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