Okja – Review

So with all the Netflix Original films I’ve been watching this year it makes sense to watch the one notable enough that even a few film critics I follow have reviewed it.

This is much better than the other Netflix movies I’ve seen this year. It’s closer in quality to Tallulah and The Fundamentals of Caring from last year. I’ve seen some criticism of the way the film delivers its message concerning the meat industry but I think said message is handled well. I expect the reason people have an issue is that it’s not presented subtly.


One of the film’s strengths is the way the language barrier effects characters. There are scenes where dialogue is translated back and forth as well as scenes where we the audience understand what is being said but Mija (Ahn Seo-hyun’s character) doesn’t and is only able to pick up notable words or location names. It’s rare that I see a film with multiple languages where the foreign language is English and I like the fact they brought in the English speaking Jon Ronson is co-write the dialogue for the American characters.


The heart of the film is of course Mija and Okja’s friendship. While there’s a lot of scenes that are painful to watch they only work because you care about these two and want them to go back to their peaceful life at the farm in the mountains. If you have a Netflix account check this movie out some time, while it may not be for everyone it’s still a very well made film.


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