Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – Review

This is a film that has been included in the trailers before a fair amount of films I’ve seen this year. I thought the visuals looked decent but nothing about the trailers sold the characters or the plot to me, both seemed really generic.

And those assumptions were correct. This is one of those sci-fi stories where the setting and the aliens are where all the creativity went but instead of focusing on one of said aliens we focus on the most boring humans in the galaxy. The heroes are human, the villain is human and the most important aliens are the ones who look the most human.


Valerian himself has nothing to his character outside of the fact he likes Laureline, whenever he’s not flirting with her he’s just talking about plot stuff or in an action scene. Cara Delevingne gives the better performance of the two leads but as a character Laureline isn’t any better, she’s just another “I’m not interested in you but secretly I am” love interest who occasionally gets the spotlight for some of the action scenes. Oh and their romance really doesn’t work, the film gives us no reason why these two should like each other and their performances don’t help, in fact from the trailers I saw it seemed more like they were supposed to be siblings.


It’s not a bad film and has some great visuals that make decent trailer footage and will be great for those footage of multiple films from a year videos you get near the end of the year but that’s it really, everything worth watching about the film is in the trailers.


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