The Emoji Movie – Review

It’s pretty safe to say this is a film I wouldn’t have seen if I didn’t have Odeon Limitless. While I have skipped some movies most have been because I thought they would be boring or I’d have nothing to say about it and at the very least this seemed like it wouldn’t be boring. In fact my cinema experience before seeing the film was entertaining since when I got my ticket the machine accidentally printed out my ticket for another film I’d booked in advance.

It’s fitting the main character is based on the meh emoji because meh is my general opinion of the movie. Still the film’s fast pace means while there are some scenes that got boring (especially the ones that focus on the meh parents) I didn’t find myself thinking “why am I watching this?” which I guess means I had a better time watching this than most film critics.


One thing I thought was really forced was when they’d cut to the human world and the main human’s phone would start playing app noises at embarrassing times. The first time fair enough, it works as a joke but after that surely he’d turn the phone’s volume down? Nope, it’s playing at full blast the next time they do that. And this isn’t just a forced joke, it’s a forced joke that’s important to the plot.


It’s not good but it’s not the horrible movie people are making it out to be, it was still better than Coin Heist. There were some jokes that worked, the voice cast did a decent job and the Hotel Transylvania short that played before the movie was alright. In fact they should have just made this movie a short instead of a full movie, most of the film’s biggest faults come from stretching it out into a film length.


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