LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 – Wishlist

Being the big Marvel fan that I am I’ve been really excited about the upcoming sequel to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. And whenever there’s an upcoming game with a large selection of characters from a franchise I like I enjoy writing wishlists of characters I’d like to see them include.

The limitations I’ve set for this list are that I won’t include characters that are already in the first game or LEGO Marvel’s Avengers unless I want an alternate version of them. This is because I expect most characters I’d like to return have either been confirmed or have a pretty good chance of returning. I also figured characters like Ironheart and Totally Awesome Hulk are already pretty likely that I don’t need to include them in the list. Anyway on with the wishlist.


Lady Spider

Spider-Verse introduced a fair amount of new spider characters and one that stood out was Lady Spider. She comes from a steampunk world and since the game is focused on bringing unique worlds together why not add a steampunk section to Chronopolis?



A recurring character in the Miles Morales Spider-Man comics and survivor of the Ultimate Universe, I’ve always felt she was a character the deserved more attention.


Ultimate Universe designs

Speaking of the Ultimate Universe it has a lot of great designs it would be neat to include. They’d only need to be alternate costumes but ones I’d use a fair amount.


Netflix Defenders designs

And another set of alternate costumes I’d like are for the Defenders. I know some of these designs have already been included in the comics so for them it might even be a good choice to have as the new default costume.


The Runaways

I’ve been a fan of this team ever since my first Marvel art project and with their new Hulu series coming up and a revival of their comic I think it’s the perfect time to include the full team.



Just imagine how cool she’d look as a minifig.



It’s hard to say if she has a good chance or not as it seems her solo series is over now. Either way she’s a character I think deserves to be included.


Japanese Spider-Man (and Leopardon)

He made an appearance in Spider-Verse so we know Marvel have the rights to use him and since Lou Ferrigno Hulk was a character in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers it wouldn’t be the first reference to an old TV series.


The Inventor

Most of my previous Marvel wishlists have included Kamala Khan but since she’s not only confirmed but is also part of the main cast I figured I’d include one of her villains instead and since this guy was name dropped in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers it makes sense to go with her original enemy; Thomas Edison the cockatoo mad scientist who hates being called a bird.

And finally…



Why hasn’t this guy been confirmed already? He’s perfect for a LEGO game.


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