Atomic Blonde – Review

I was first introduced to this film through a friend of mine who was excited about it and showed me the trailer. It looked like a fun movie to watch and even if I hadn’t had that recommendation I’d probably still be interested in the film once the trailers started showing at the Odeon.

It’s one of the more fun spy movies I’ve seen. I really like the colour scheme of a lot of the scenes and it has a catchy soundtrack I’m listening to as I write this.


The fight scenes in this are fantastic and the biggest strength of the movie. They’re all shot very well and depict some pretty brutal fights. There’s a great shot where Lorraine and a henchman she’s fighting are both so worn out from fighting it slows them down but they both keep going.


And of course the cast are great too with Charlize Theron once again being a great action star along with an entertaining performance from James McAvoy. I do wish they had more scenes with Sofia Boutella’s character though, something that seems to be the case for most films she’s in.


The trailers were selling a pretty looking action movie with a catchy 80s soundtrack and it delivered.


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