Logan Lucky – Review

When I saw the trailer for this I figured I could just skip it. It looked boring and I already saw one boring heist movie, I didn’t need to watch another. But then just about every film critic I follow on YouTube started giving it positive reviews, some even saying things like “don’t miss this one” so I figured I might as well give it a chance.

I should have trusted my first impression, this movie is boring. I watched/rewatched those positive reviews that convinced me to watch it and I still don’t get it. People make a big deal out of Daniel Craig’s performance but it was just him doing the same voice everyone else in the movie was doing. At some points it sounds like they’re talking about a completely different movie.


I’d say you could probably skip this one but considering I appear to be in the minority here who knows maybe you might actually like it. I wouldn’t see it in the cinema though unless you’ve got Odeon Limitless or something similar.


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