Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – Review

Since I already saw Terminator 2 it’s not being included in this marathon but I will share my thoughts on it before I start this review. Like the first film it was pretty good but now that I’ve seen both I can see the areas where T2 improved over the original, it’s also worth noting that the viewing experience is also a big part of my higher opinion as I had fun watching it with friends making jokes and doing Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.

This film sadly wasn’t good but it was at least entertaining. There were some decent action scenes (most notably the chase scene near the beginning), Arnold Schwarzenegger has plenty of amusing lines and I think the ending worked well.


The film’s problems however stand out more and one of the biggest is the weird fanservice stuff they do with the T-X including one scene where she makes her boobs bigger. It doesn’t help that her powers aren’t that different from the T-1000 so the things that make her stand out compared to other Terminators are hacking and “being sexy”. I also have no reason to care about the human characters in this film and this might be the most blatantly forced romance I’ve ever seen in a film since it only seems to happen because Arnold says they’re married in the future.


I can see why the general reaction to this movie is bad but people’s problems with it aren’t common knowledge, it’s strengths aren’t enough to make it any good but the problems aren’t so horrible that I’d call it bad either. I’d say it was mediocre but it wasn’t boring, it just wasn’t anything of note. Two more movies to go now, maybe they’ll be better or maybe they’ll be worse. I haven’t had a controversial opinion on this series yet so who knows maybe one of them will be pretty good.


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