Terminator Salvation – Review

Out of all the films in this marathon this was the one I was the least interested in seeing. Maybe it’s because it’s the only one without Arnold Schwarzenegger (unless you count the CGI cameo who doesn’t have any one liners) or because I didn’t care for Christian Bale’s performance in the Dark Knight movies. Either way my expectations were low.

And somehow it found a way to be worse than I thought. Before I get to the problems I will note that there are some things that were alright. Anton Yelchin did a good job as Kyle Reese (too bad he’s barely in the movie) and despite the fact Terminator 3 was poorly received they did keep the character Kate around instead of just ignoring the events of the film because people didn’t like it… Ok that’s it, on to the problems.


Despite being a movie all about the post-Judgement Day point in the timeline the film doesn’t actually focus on John Connor. I don’t like Bale’s performance (which is just his Batman voice half the time) but considering this film includes John Connor meeting his father Kyle Reese for the first time you’d think they’d make that the focus of the movie instead of this boring cyborg guy. The film gives me no reason to care about this guy or his forced romance with a girl in the resistance he saves.


And that’s the main problem with this movie, it’s boring. Also so far the timeline hasn’t been confusing, I guess that’s all going to be in the next movie but I remember hearing about it being ridiculous before that movie was in development. Anyway no matter what I think of Genesis it can’t be worse than this.


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