Terminator Genisys – Review

And so we come to the end of the marathon. Looking at other reviews for this film it’s clear a lot of people really didn’t like this one with many reviewers getting angry at the film.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have nostalgia bias against it but I liked it. It’s not as good as the first two movies but it still has a lot of the elements I enjoyed about them. I like the scene recreations and the idea of Skynet going back to the events of the first movie instead of just trying again at a different point in time. The timeline gets messed up but that’s actually the point and the changes are easy enough to follow. Yes it’s a shame a certain twist was spoiled by some of the trailers (not the one I used) but it still works without the surprise.


I like the new cast, it is amusing that all the other characters from the original are played by new actors but the T-800 is Arnold Schwarzenegger in every movie. The new actors’ performances are the right mix of mimicking the original actors and their own take on the roles.


And so like with previous movie marathons it’s time to show my rankings of the films

Terminator 2: Judgement Day > The Terminator > Terminator Genisys > Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines > Terminator Salvation


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