Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Review

This film coming out was what finally got me to watch the original earlier this year and it was so good I had to update my top 10 films of 2014 list to include it. So of course my interest in this film increased after I really liked the first one.

Unfortunately while I did enjoy this film it is a significant downgrade from the original. It’s a decent movie but it feels like a lot of potential was wasted. For example one of the surviving characters from the first film is killed off pretty early in the movie and it just felt like a waste of said character, especially since several of the new characters are also underused.


It’s still a fun movie with plenty of enjoyable action sequences, it’s just other than seeing Eggsy and Harry working together (which is neat) it doesn’t really bring that much that’s new to the franchise. The Statesman are fine but you get the general idea of their gimmick from the trailers so by the time they’re involved in the action they’re not all that different from the Kingsman agents outside of being cowboys, in fact from the trailers I assumed Halle Berry’s character was a Kingsman agent.


I feel bad being so critical because I did like the movie, it’s just it could have been a lot better. I think the biggest fault of the film is it appears they used up all their spy tropes to parody in the first film because most of the spy stuff in this movie is just the same as the first film, which makes for an enjoyable action movie but not a satisfying follow up to the original.


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