Little Evil – Review

Unfortunately as we’re getting closer to the end of the month there’s only one other film coming out that I’m going to see before October starts. This means I’ll need to see more than three films in the cinema next month to make up for the fact I’ll only have seen two this month but I also want to make sure I still see more new films this month so it’s time to turn to Netflix to see what else it has to offer.

This is a pretty decent film. It’s a comedic take on those Antichrist movies that tend to be a pretty popular horror theme. It’s got a good cast including Adam Scott of Parks & Rec fame, Evangeline Lily and popular voice actor Clancy Brown.


And of course Owen Atlas who plays the Antichrist himself does a great job. He captures that creepy/evil child look very well and the fact we get to see him transition in and out of that mode later in the film shows that he has good range as an actor.


It’s not as good as Okja but is a huge improvement over Death Note and one of this year’s better Netflix Original movies. I might watch another film on Netflix tonight, I should try watching a documentary next as I haven’t seen any of those this year.


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