The Truth Is in the Stars – Review

So I said I wanted to watch a documentary next and I found a couple of options. I decided to go with this one about the influence of Star Trek (and science fiction in general) has had on actual science and the people who work in those fields.

It has plenty of interesting interviews and it is pretty neat seeing genuine scientists talking with Captain Kirk about these topics. I’ve not seen Shatner’s other documentaries but while there are plenty of things to criticize the guy for I will say he does a pretty good job as a documentary host and it does make sense for him to be the person hosting one on this particular subject.


It’s probably not going to be the best of this year’s documentaries I’ll see but it’s enjoyable. Unfortunately there’s not much else for me to say about it other than the topics discussed are interesting even if admittedly I don’t understand a lot of the points made in them. But that’s a point made in the documentary “the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you”.


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