Goodbye Christopher Robin – Review

Unlike most “based on a true story” movies this is actually one I knew details about the history it’s about before seeing it. Being someone who grew up reading the Winnie-the-Pooh books that still enjoyed reading them as an adult naturally I became curious about the history behind them. So when I heard about this movie I was interested, something that doesn’t tend to happen with true story movies that often.

It’s very good. It has a good balance of the childhood wonder that inspired the stories and the tragic effect fame had on the rest of Christopher Robin Milne’s life. I think the film captures both sides very well and the transition between them is heartbreaking to watch.


This film has several talented actors each giving great performances but I have to say the stand out performance has to be Will Tilston as Christopher Robin himself, especially considering this is his first film.


While it’s clear some elements of the film have been written in to work as a film narrative, especially in the final scene, it still captures a lot of the real history of the Milne family and the impact Winnie-the-Pooh had on their lives and does so very well. I think this is definitely worth checking out.


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