Digimon Adventure tri. 5: Kyousei – Review

The previous one of these really started to feel dragged down by the “one or two characters have a problem, it gets resolved and their Digimon reaches their Mega stage” format with several interesting plot points being brought up but not being given enough focus because Sora being unable to rebond with Biyomon got most of the attention.

Fortunately this movie doesn’t do that. While we do get a scene of Gatomon reaching her Mega stage this isn’t a Kari movie, instead the focus is more on Meiko and we get some more backstory for Meicoomon. In fact the Digimon who gets a new digivolution animation this time is Wargreymon, which is great because I’ve always wanted to see a Metalgreymon to Wargreymon digivolution sequence. Too bad Metalgarurumon’s was smushed together with everyone else’s (along with the new one for Weregarurumon).


I think the best scenes of this movie/these episodes are the scenes of the cast interacting. There’s a very funny scene of them telling ghost stories where Matt get terrified and Joe’s story is about low grades, Agumon not really paying attention to things and just wanting food and of course some cute scenes involving Tai and Meiko.


Tri has a lot of pacing issues and sadly this film still has a lot of those same problems including the fact we STILL DON’T KNOW WHERE THE 02 CHARACTERS ARE (though we do get an appearance from the Dark Ocean, that was pretty neat). The story still feels more like episodes but it’s edited together more like a film, something made especially clear when an episode ends with music just starting only to awkwardly fade out and fade back in when the following episode starts.


But there’s only one more of these left so while there’s still several unanswered questions (the same unanswered questions plus a few new ones) at least they’ll actually have to answer them… next year.


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