Blade Runner 2049 – Review

It’d been so long since I first saw Blade Runner that I’d forgotten most of it and didn’t even know which of the various cuts it was I saw. So of course in preparation for this film I rewatched the DVD of the original (turns out it was the Final Cut, which is apparently the best version) to refresh my memory. It’s a decent film and you can see the influence it’s had on other media over the years.

This film is just as good in my opinion. I should make it clear I don’t like the original nearly as much as a lot of people but I still do like it and many of the things I like about that movie are present here. Most notably the visuals look great, they’re similar to the original but with enough differences that it really looks like a lot of time has passed.


I’m glad that we don’t see Deckard for most of the movie, we’re given enough time to get to know Ryan Gosling’s character and the story so when these two finally meet it feels like a bigger deal than it comes across in the trailers.


If you at least liked Blade Runner I think you’ll enjoy this film. The other reviews I’ve seen from people who enjoyed the original more than me have been positive and it is a film that looks great on the big screen.


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