Batman vs. Two-Face – Review

Last year’s Return of the Caped Crusaders was a fun and refreshing change of pace for DC movies and when it came out they’d already confirmed they’d be releasing the sequel this year along with the fact it starred William Shatner as Two-Face. Sadly though this is also Adam West’s last film.

Once again the feel of the original show has been captured perfectly in all the same ways the first film did. Only this time they also needed to depict Two-Face in a way that would fit in with that world and I think they did a great job.


Shatner does a fantastic job playing both sides of Harvey Dent with his Two-Face voice being especially impressive. Between this and the My Little Pony episode The Perfect Pear he’s proven he’s got a much better voice range than his previous voice acting roles I’ve seen have given him a chance to use.


And of course Adam West’s last performance is as great as it was in the first movie. While I’m sure this wasn’t planned as the last film in this series (in fact I’m pretty sure that Harleen Quinzel cameo at the start meant they were probably going to have Harley be part of the third one) it still is a good film for the Caped Crusader to go out on.


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