King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Review

When this came out I intentionally chose not to see it in the cinema. From what I heard the film sounded boring and while I’m fine watching potentially bad movies with my Limitless membership I really didn’t want to be sitting in the cinema bored (which would end up happening anyway with Logan Lucky). I figured if I was going to watch this it would be when I could pause it and do something else if I got bored.

I made the right call. This film is boring is several ways including characters, lighting and the use of the more magical elements of the film. Seriously this film has titan sized elephants that are just used to carry human soldiers in one scene and a giant snake that shows up out of nowhere to kill a few henchmen and then it just leaves. Giant elephants and snakes should be really cool but they don’t do anything interesting with them.


There’s way too many discuss the plan while footage of the plan is going on scenes that are edited really poorly. On the subject of terrible editing (which this film has a lot of) during the opening name credits a location credit is shown in the exact same font and size as the names making it look like someone named Londinium worked on the movie. There’s also some really irritating whispering from the creatures who give Jude Law’s character his powers, whispering is annoying enough already but in video form they’re always whispering loud enough so you can understand them and it’s painful to listen to.

what are you doing here

And if people thought Ed Sheeran’s cameo in Game of Thrones was awkward that’s nothing compared to David Beckham showing up to give instructions on how to pick up a sword. This is the only film I’ve seen by Guy Ritchie and it’s a terrible first impression.


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