The LEGO Ninjago Movie – Review

I never really got into the LEGO Ninjago series. I did check out the first couple of episodes before getting the LEGO Dimensions figures but I just ended getting the Team Pack because it had the best figure designs and to access the Adventure World. However I was interested in this movie from the first trailer, especially knowing it was from the same team as the other LEGO movies and wasn’t connected to the show.

And much like those movies this was a lot of fun. While I don’t have the source material familiarity that I had with LEGO Batman the humour ties more with the genres the toys and show were based on and the father-son stuff so I didn’t really have any points where I felt I was missing a reference. Even the jokes that were clear references to the franchise were easy to understand.


One of the many areas this is an improvement over the show is the voices. While yes they are celebrity voices most are actors I only have a limited familiarity with Jackie Chan and Michael Peña being the only ones whose names stood out in the later trailers and the ending credits, everyone else I had to check Wikipedia to know that I’d seen them in other movies.


If you liked The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie you’ll like this one too. And while I know they’re not going to make a LEGO Dimensions Story Pack since it has its own game (which I might pick up later this year) and there are rumours that year 3 of Dimensions is cancelled if we do get year 3 I’d love it if they made a Garmadon Fun Pack that also allowed us to replace the original Ninjago characters with the movie versions the way we can with Batman. If they did that I’d buy all the other Ninjago packs for the game.


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