Hunt for the Wilderpeople – Review

I’m going to see Thor Ragnarok later today so last night I figured it was about time I watched this film also directed by Taika Waititi that has been on my Netflix list for a few months now.

This is a very entertaining movie. The comedy is very funny, I watched this with my parents and we all laughed out loud several times. There’s also several scenes that are more serious which have the intended emotional effect.


I haven’t seen Sam Neill in anything since Jurassic Park III and this is the first film I’ve seen Julian Dennison in (though I had seen a video on YouTube he was in) but the two of them work really well together. The character dynamic is a common one but they bring something new to it that is hard to explain.


If after you see Thor Ragnarok you want to see more of Waititi’s work this is a great choice to go with. I also recommend What We Do in the Shadows. As for me I’ve got a week full of movies to watch, not a specific marathon though.


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