Thor: Ragnarok – Review

It wasn’t until I was discussing films coming out this month that I realized we were getting this film before America. Of course when we get films before the US it’s only a week or two ahead while when they get films first we often have to wait an entire month or more (seriously why is Coco coming out next year?). Anyway on to the review.

This is the best Thor movie and the funniest MCU movie outside of the Guardians of the Galaxy series. It’s great to see the comedy given more attention this time around, it was always the best part of the Thor movies and is an opportunity to remind people of how great a comedic performer Chris Hemsworth is.


And of course¬†Taika Waititi brings his own sense of humour to the film. His portrayal of Korg is very different from his 616 counterpart but a hilarious character that steals every scene he’s in. The Thor and Loki dynamic is the best it’s ever been and this was the best film to finally give Hulk more lines of dialogue.


If you’re a Marvel fan you’re probably already going to see this or have already seen it (there was a line for the next showing when I left the cinema). I also have to repeat my recommendation from the end of my Hunt for the Wilderpeople review of checking it and What We Do in the Shadows if you liked this film. The only real criticisms I have are that Sif isn’t in it and Thor only wears his helmet for one scene.


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