#realityhigh – Review

I wanted to see one more film from this year before the end of the month since after watching Thor Ragnarok I was up to 59 films and it’d be nice to wrap up the month having seen 60. I considered going to see Geostorm but it sounds like that turned out to be boring rather than laughably bad so I turned to Netflix instead. Like many of the Netflix films I’ve watched I knew pretty much nothing before watching, it stood out as one I hadn’t scrolled past before and a Google search confirmed it is a 2017 film so I just watched it.

Maybe I should have just watched the trailer, it tells the entire story and it really wasn’t good. It’s another cliche American high school movie that really wants to be the next Mean Girls and cash in on social media trends but fails miserably at both. In fact the more familiar with said social media you are the worse it looks, for example there’s a scene near the end where the main character is doing a Facebook LIVE stream and thumbs down icons are popping up even though they don’t exist.


Honestly the only thing that keeps this from being truly terrible is the cast. Nesta Cooper and Keith Powers are especially good and actually make the romance between their characters sweet sometimes before the scene transitions to another example of bad writing.


I’d say you should skip this movie but I doubt anyone reading this had much interest in seeing a movie that has a hashtag in the title.


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