Little Shop of Horrors – Review

This film came up in conversation earlier this month and I decided to watch it and a few other films that seemed appropriate during the build up to Halloween.

It’s a lot of fun. I like how some of the sets are designed like a stage as a nod to the stage musical it’s based on. It contributes to the film’s charm in a way a fully realistic set just wouldn’t have. And of course the songs are great, I’ve heard bits of them before but it’s much better hearing them in full in their original context.


And I can’t talk about this film without talking about the puppet work on Audrey II. It looks fantastic and reading about the effort that went into operating it only makes it even more impressive. Of course considering the director of the movie is Frank Oz it’s no surprise the puppetry is so good.


I saw the theatrical cut and while I know there’s a lot of people who prefer the director’s cut ending I’m fine with this one, in fact I like it. This has been on my To-Watch list for a while now, it’s good to be ticking films off that list again.


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