Attack the Block – Review

Originally I only had three movies planned for this marathon before realising I could add a couple more and be able to watch a film every day leading up to Halloween. When I remembered I’d been meaning to watch this one it not only got added to the selection but I watched it the day the DVD arrived.

This is one of the better alien invasion movies I’ve seen. The alien designs look great, they remind me a bit of the Vulpimancers (Wildmutt) from Ben 10. I especially like the glowing teeth, it’s something that sets them apart from their influences making them look unique.


Of course the main reason I wanted to see this is the cast. This was the film John Boyega was known for before Star Wars and he’s great in it. This is also the first thing I’ve seen the next Doctor Jodie Whittaker in, she’s a good actress and I’m looking forward to seeing what her version of The Doctor will be like. It’s also pretty neat seeing what is essentially a team up of Finn, The Doctor and Firestorm.


Another film ticked off my To-Watch list. You might notice none of the films in this marathon are horror movies, that’s on purpose. In fact the next film is a lot more family friendly than the rest…


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